(69) Philadelphia Rolls


Remember me?

Oy vey.  The past couple of months have been… *whew*

Aaron went to Kuwait for business.  I hated it.  Um, Skype is cool and all for friends, but for a husband?  I prefer breathing the same air.

Oh, and then I like… had emergency surgery and stuff.  Whatever.  This is a food blog, though, so we won’t discuss unpleasantries.

We will, however, discuss sushi.  Do you love sushi?  Because I ♥ sushi.

Oh, the thought of eating raw fish makes your intestines burn?  Well that’s okay!  This sushi uses smoked salmon.  Not raw.  Intestines: fine.

Philly (Philadelphia) Rolls are my all-time favorite.  I adore smoked salmon.  I devour avocado.  I adulate cream cheese.

Yes, adulate.

You’ll likely really love Philly Rolls too.  And if you already love them, just, you know, you love them in the restaurant, you should most definitely try making these at home.  You will feel accomplished, empowered, and maybe even a tad frugal.

P.S. Nori is basically sheets of dried seaweed.  I have found packs in Whole Foods, EarthFare, and World Market.  Your supermarket may carry them in the international foods aisle.


Philadelphia Rolls

Rice, cooked (you may use sushi-specific rice, or you may use whatever you happen to have in your home)
Smoked Salmon, cut into long, thin strips
Cream Cheese, cut into long, thin strips
Avocado, cut into long, thin strips
**other veggies of choice, cut into… you guessed it… long, thin strips
Wasabi Powder

Lay the nori, rough side up (make sure the perforations are running horizontally).  Spread a thin layer of cooked, cooled rice on the nori, ending a couple of sections from one edge.  Lay out the salmon, cream cheese, avocado, etc.  (This is a photograph of Aaron’s roll.  He added carrot and cucumber to his creation.)


Roll it all up!

In lieu of proper sushi rolling mats, we used some bamboo placemats we had stuffed in a drawer.  I abandoned the placemat ship two rolls in.  I found it easier to just roll it up sans mat.  Supposedly they help make a tighter roll, but I found I was able to keep things snug by hand.

Brush the bare edge of the nori with water so it will created a nice seal once all rolled up.  Slice roll into six to eight pieces.


Mix wasabi powder with water.


Pour a little (or a lot) of soy sauce in with the wasabi for dipping (I pour a lot.  Aaron [as noted above] pours a little).


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